White Tiger Posture

Tai Chi Posture

The White Tiger!  Shirotoro in Japanese!  You can see the balance, the agility.  Power in every step and confidence in every stride.  Tai Chi is not just in nature, it “IS” nature in balance.  Tai Chi will give you power in your step and confidence in your movements.  Do not see Tai Chi as slow movements being performed but be Tai Chi and flow in the movement.  Be like Shirotoro and flow in the movement.



Hello once again and welcome back to MY TAI CHI BLOG WEBSITE.  I have been asked by many of my students and clients if Yoga and Tai Chi are the same, since they both incorporate meditation, hence the reason for this post.

YOGA and TAI CHI’s founding principles do differ and both have little in common with each other.  Tai Chi is a martial art intended for use in combat, but the Tai Chi that I promote focuses on managing energy with the universe for complete health and longevity.   Yoga focuses on creating complete health to facilitate a full union of mind, body and spirit.  Both practice non-violence

While both Yoga and Tai Chi apply breath control, movement and meditation for whole health, how each approaches them differs sharply.  Take BREATH for example; Yoga aligns the movement of poses with breath.  In traditional Hatha yoga, poses are held for a certain number of breaths.  Vinyasa yoga or Flow yoga requires participants to move from pose to pose, linking an inhale or exhale to each movement.

Tai Chi encourages it’s participants to breathe slowly and deeply, but not to consciously force alignment of movement and breath.  The breath will come naturally with each movement as practice continues outside the DOJO or training center.  The movements themselves are slow and flowing and the poses are choreographed to flow into one another, not held like yoga stances.

Check back soon for more on Tai Chi and Yoga.  Thank You!

From the Hearth, this is Cricket saying good night!


Goooooood morning world;

It’s 4:05 in the morning on February 27, 2017.  Already two months into the new year.  Even tho it’s dark outside, it’s going to be another perfect “10” day.

I have been studying the symbol of Yin/Yang so that I might understand myself.  To understand the Yin and Yang is to begin to understand one’s self.

When you look at the symbol, what is it you see?  Do you see only the curving lines, the black and white inside a circle or do you contemplate the meaning of the circle, the shape of Yin/Yang and the color.

Every time I look at the symbol, I see something different.  If I look at the white teardrop, there is a small circle of black within it.  The black teardrop has a small circle of white.  

These represent the light and dark of our souls.  No matter how good our lives appear to be, there is a small portion of darkness that is there and the same holds true for the dark colored teardrop.  These remind me that there is “NOTHING” perfect this side of eternity.

There is no such thing as perfection, only “perceived” perfection.  This helps us to learn to be happy and content with the imperfection of our own being!


Winter Blues

Gooooooood morning to all,

 It’s February the 15th,2017, the day after Valentine’s Day!  Hope your day was super fantastic!  I had to postpone my day due illness in the family.

Anyway, I wanted to send all of you out there a little hope in the fact that winter won’t last forever.  Whether it is the winter of the natural or the winter of our souls when it is hard to warm up from the grey skies and blizzards that we experience in our lives.

Soon the weather will begin to change and the temperature will rise and we will be once again walking barefoot in the sands along the shores of our imagination.

The thought I wish to leave with you this morning is this, just know that you are cared about and knowing that I hope will help brighten the darkest, bleakest winter day!

Thoughts from Cricket on the Hearth!

October 9, 2016


The White Tiger!  Shirotoro in Japanese.  Beautiful, majestic creature.  Power in every step, confidence in every stride.  Tai Chi is not just in nature.  Tai Chi “IS” nature!  Balance is required in everything!  Whether it is in business, personal, spiritual, balance must be maintained or else everything begins a downward spiral towards the black hole of nothingness.

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Tai Chi Wave Energy

Tai Chi is know as “Meditation in Motion” or a “Dance of Creation!”  Tai Chi is known as a gentle martial art where defense is used to ward off the “hard” strikes and kicks of karate!

The Tai Chi that I instruct is for health and the well being of a person’s body, mind, spirit.  The lessons that we have been taught growing up affect us either positively or negatively and will help heal the way we think about our bodies or damage our self image and eventually crush our spirit.  Tai Chi will help bring us to balance in our lives, our bodies, our minds and our spirit.

If you view Tai Chi as the ocean you can see how the energy and our life force is like the tide, ebbing and waning.

If you would like more information, please leave a message or contact me at cricket.harmony@gmail.com!  Thank you!

Update:  August 8, 2015

Goooooooood morning World,

Well, it’s a beautiful morning in south central PA.  I am amazed at how gorgeous the morning is.  I awoke at 4:30 this morning, so I finished up the dinner dishes from last night and put them away.  Yesterday I had the privilege of giving a tour of Gettysburg to some friends who had traveled from Massachusetts.  Among them was a gentleman who was 82 years young.  He kept me busy just keeping up with him.  I was told at the end of the day that everyone enjoyed themselves and everyone had a good time.  I don’t know why, but I worry about that.  We visited the area know as Little Round Top and I explained a little of the Southern tactics coming from the Rose Farm, Seminary Ridge and Devil’s Den area.  The older gentleman of the group was quite interested and was really happy to actually see the areas that he had only read about in books and literature.  We passed through the Wheatfield, and traveled to the Trostle Farm where I showed them the witness tree and where Sickles was wounded.  We then traveled to the middle of the Union line and showed them where General Armistead and General Hancock were wounded and then we went to the National Cemetary and then went back to the PA Monument, after that we visited Culps Hill, Seminary Ridge and Lee’s statue/Virginia’s monument.  We wrapped things up around 4:00 p.m. and said our goodbyes or until the next time.  They were just amazed at how much there is to do and see at Gettysburg as I am always fascinated at what there is to do.

Memorial Day 2015 (5.25.15)


Today is Monday, Memorial Day and all over the world our soldiers, sailers, airmen and marines sleep beneath their crosses and it is a challenge to us, the living to ensure that they have not died in vain!  This post is in honor of my dad and his two brothers who were killed on opposite sides of the world.  Paul Edward Owens, KIA, July 7, 1944 after the Normandy invasion, better known as D-Day, and Robert Allen Owens, KIA, November 1, 1943, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor and the hunter/killer destroyer, DD827, USS Robert A. Owens.

I will not speak about the glorious dead because there is not much glory in getting killed if you are in your late teens or early twenties.  I will not romanticize their passing, but will remember that the day I have now is because of their sacrifice!

There is a British memorial in Burma from WW II that captures the sentiment of Americans which says “When you go home, tell them of us and say for your tomorrow we gave our today!”

So, as you attend the picnics, the gatherings and the other festivities, tell others of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who are sacrificing their today’s to make your tomorrows possible!

This is cricket signing off!

Thoughts of an “Average” man!

I hate to say it, but the average young man and/or woman is apt to believe that success is not for them. In their minds it is a gift that has been bestowed upon the few, not to the masses. Many believe that in order to be successful in the “Christian” life one must dedicate themselves to being a slave to those that sign their pay checks. They believe that the root of “ALL” evil is money. Actually money is not the root, but the”love” of money is.

The subject is not a new one. It is my hope and intent to tear off the veil and look at success through new eyes and understand the purpose that is upon the young and young at heart.

These words are written to young people by a young at heart person whom the noise of battle is not a recollection, but an everyday living reality. He thinks he knows what a fight for success means to the young people, and he writes. With the smoke of battle around him and from the very thick of the fight!