Good morning World;

WOW! What a day.  I am trying to get back into the habit of posting a quote, a short story or an encouragement for you.  As you read this, it is my hope that you are not just entertained, but find encouragement and courage to continue meeting the day with excitement and wonderment.  So with that said, here is the writings of cricket for your enjoyment and reading pleasure.

“Nos Sunt Visionarii Crestinam!!” This is Latin for “We are the Visionaries of Tomorrow!” 

Today as you read this begins your journey to the adventure of a life time.  Life is an adventure and I need to document it before I forget and it slips away into the halls of silence.  I entitled this post ‘COURAGE” because it takes courage to get up in the mornings, to face the day’s challenges, to favor inspiration and aspiration over desperation, propelling your momentum to achieve greatness.

If you believe that you are a “Visionary of Tomorrow” or a “Dreamer of Dreams” then you need to allow yourself to dare to be remarkable.  Dr. Wayne Dyer has written a quote that has become one of my favorites because I try to incorporate it into my own life.

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change!”  

This quote doesn’t just speak about our outside circumstances but the way we see ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Dare to be “Courageous” about life!  Unleash your power, your potential, your influence and your impact on your surroundings.  Allow yourself to view reality with an new outlook.  Do not look on the world in a negative way because to do so only chains you to the halls of despair.  However, when you change the way you look at things to the positive, even the slightest shift in your thinking could lead to seismic changes.  Look at yourself and the world through the eyes of what IS working, your present strengths and the potential that is within you.  Block out distractions, do not listen to negative people, create a focal point of concentration, stay alert and stay inspired.

I use the acronym S.O.S. because it helps me stay on course and keeps me positive.

“S” = “SELF” – Reminds you to look within yourself for your talents, strengths and inspirations that are most useful in ANY     circumstance.

“O” = “OTHERS” – This reminds you to focus your attention on the strengths, talents, inspirations of “OTHERS” and the positive qualities in your relationships such as trust, respect, collaboration, etc, etc.

“S” =  “SITUATIONS” – Learn from your situations.  Good situations/experiences will naturally provide assets such as stimulation, opportunity and synergy.  Even unwelcomed situations/experiences contain important perspectives and life’s lessons, so don’t discount them too early.

REMEMBER: “Adventure is not outside the person; It is within!!!”

Well, that’s enough food for thought today.  Keep checking back for more of “Cricket Speaks!”


Cricket signing off!