My Life’sMission

Good morning world,

My wife and I were honored to be invited to our best friends birthday party which was a mile marker in everyone’s thinking, but just a drop in the bigger scheme of things.

Anyway, it was fantastic! I had been thinking about prioritizing some of my thoughts on how I support and value family and friends and this is what I came up with.

Through out each day I strive to be loyal to my friends and family, (not always succeeding in that area), lead a successful career that I enjoy, staying healthy and taking on any challenges that come my way. It is my intention to always give my best effort in all things because I am worth my best effort.

I value my family and friends with great respect and all the love and peace the universe has to offer. There are “infinite possibilities everywhere. I seek spiritual fulfillment, sense of accomplishment and respect of others.

It is my hope that you seek the same. I like this quote from “Seeds of Confidence”;

“Individuals with good self-esteem can accept or reject the opinions of others, but never depend on them for their sense of worthiness!”

Well, it’s time to head back to the hearth and ponder my thoughts again! Until next time, remember these words from John Lubbock; “What we SEE, depends mainly on what we LOOK for!”

The Shaggy Cricket


Water and Words

There is a Zen quote that says; “Water and Words…Easy to pour, Impossible to Recover!”

As a member of the carbon based life forms that is called the human race, I have found this quote to be quite true! I have spoken words that I have regretted and have been the recipient of nasty, hurtful words which helps me write this little blog. I have learned to be careful and have become mindful of the words that I say and how I say them.

The tongue can be like a medicinal bandage, healing in nature or it can be like a Roman whip, barbed and able to rip flesh from bone. Scripture tells us that we have the power of Life and Death in our tongue. We can either “Dis-courage” ourselves as well as others or we can “Encourage” ourselves and others.

We should always be aware of not just our surroundings, but also on keeping a “clear” mind! Keeping a “clear” mind is not having an empty head or not thinking. Having a “clear” mind is like the full moon in the heavens. Sometimes clouds drift in and cover the moon, but the moon is always there. When the clouds dissipate or move on, then the moon appears, still shining brightly.

So do not worry about keeping a “clear” mind because it is always there. Remember, when thinking comes, behind it is “Clear Mind”. When thinking goes, there is only “Clear Mind!”
Thinking comes! Thinking goes! “Clear Mind” is the only thing that remains! Do not attach yourself to the coming and going, only to the “Clear Mind!”

“To what shall I liken the world? Moonlight reflected in dew drops, shaken from a crane’s bill!”

Our work in this life, on this tiny, little blue marble in space that we humans call home, is to discover our world, physically, emotionally and spiritually and then with all our heart, embrace it and give ourselves to it.

Dare to be “You”nique! I dare you to be remarkable!

The Shaggy Cricket!


“Every single one of us affects the reality we live in!”

I chose this quote because the majority of the carbon based life forms that inhabit this little, blue marble known as EARTH, do “NOT” affect reality in a constant, substantial way simply because they do “NOT” believe they have the power to do so!

Eleanor Roosevelt said; “If you believe you can, you’re right. If you believe you can’t, you’re right!”

So my question is “Why believe the negative when it’s easy to believe the positive?”

I am sitting here in the living room gazing out the window into the darkening skies of evening’s twilight, watching the snow filter down from the heavens. I am remembering those winter days of 1968 when I was young and how I thought I had the world by the throat and yet I held nothing. I can remember the snowy days of December, January and February as though they were just yesterday and how I did not mind the cold. I would go ice skating with only the light of a bon-fire to illuminate the boundaries of the ice. I listened to Robert F. Kennedy and watched as he climbed the political ladder to the Presidential candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. While he was still in the shadow of his brother, John, he had a dream. 1968 was a time of dreamers. Martin Luther King, RFK and others to numerous to mention dared to dream dreams. Robert Kennedy dared to dream of things that never were and asked the question; “Why not!” He spoke with words of hope that never grow old. While he was idolized right after his death, while he was alive, he made mistakes as we all do.

His lasting legacy is a piercing of one’s conscience and his wish was to make Americans see beyond the differences that separate us from one another and to see unity….to be better than we are. I dare you to do better.

I will write more on this subject later on. Keep following the Shaggy Cricket for more positive insights.

“Carpe Diem!”
The Shaggy Cricket!

Groundhog Day

Good morning World;

Well, Punxsutawney Phil gave his prediction this morning at 7:28, Sunday, Feb 2, 2014, Super Bowl Sunday! Cricket is disappointed because he is anxious to start making Spring and Summer sounds. He doesn’t ski so 6 more weeks of winter is not appealing. Cricket does apologize for not posting since November and promises to try and do better.

Cricket does have some words to convey about “Potential” to those that would listen. Do you “believe” that you have “POTENTIAL?” What we believe really does matter when it affects our self esteem.

Everyone has potential, however having it is one thing. Honing it to a razor’s edge is another. Having potential works exactly opposite of a savings account. In a savings account, as time goes by, the money that is in the account begins to compound interest and the more you leave it untouched, the more it increases.

Potential, on the other hand, is just the opposite. The longer you leave it in the “account” untouched/undisturbed, the more/faster it decreases/fades away. Unused “Potential” wastes away!

If you want potential to increase, you have to tap into it.
Most people approach success and potential from the outside in, but achieve real success with real potential, you have to do it from the inside out.

Focus on your character and your whole life improves. Changes in character bring substance and power, while external improvements are merely cosmetic and tend to fade away easily.

I dare you to be “YOU”-nique!!!! Find your “YOU”niqueness and dare yourself to be the change that the world so desperately needs.

I shall close this portion of encouragement with a quote from Charles De Gaulle who said; “When faced with crisis, the man of character falls back on himself!”


The Shaggy Cricket