Water and Words

There is a Zen quote that says; “Water and Words…Easy to pour, Impossible to Recover!”

As a member of the carbon based life forms that is called the human race, I have found this quote to be quite true! I have spoken words that I have regretted and have been the recipient of nasty, hurtful words which helps me write this little blog. I have learned to be careful and have become mindful of the words that I say and how I say them.

The tongue can be like a medicinal bandage, healing in nature or it can be like a Roman whip, barbed and able to rip flesh from bone. Scripture tells us that we have the power of Life and Death in our tongue. We can either “Dis-courage” ourselves as well as others or we can “Encourage” ourselves and others.

We should always be aware of not just our surroundings, but also on keeping a “clear” mind! Keeping a “clear” mind is not having an empty head or not thinking. Having a “clear” mind is like the full moon in the heavens. Sometimes clouds drift in and cover the moon, but the moon is always there. When the clouds dissipate or move on, then the moon appears, still shining brightly.

So do not worry about keeping a “clear” mind because it is always there. Remember, when thinking comes, behind it is “Clear Mind”. When thinking goes, there is only “Clear Mind!”
Thinking comes! Thinking goes! “Clear Mind” is the only thing that remains! Do not attach yourself to the coming and going, only to the “Clear Mind!”

“To what shall I liken the world? Moonlight reflected in dew drops, shaken from a crane’s bill!”

Our work in this life, on this tiny, little blue marble in space that we humans call home, is to discover our world, physically, emotionally and spiritually and then with all our heart, embrace it and give ourselves to it.

Dare to be “You”nique! I dare you to be remarkable!

The Shaggy Cricket!


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