Balance for many means the center of something, keeping both sides equal. In the martial arts, Balance means to become Centered in ALL things. In Tai Chi, the center is not always the point of balance, but when you find that place where BALANCE is achieved, Peace will result.

Balance is known by many different names, depending on what field you work in. In medical terminology, Balance within the body is called Homeostasis. That is when everything is working together to fight infections, viruses and disease, keeping the body balanced. To physical therapists, Balance is when a person can stand or walk without leaning to the right or left or getting dizzy.

Balance in Tai Chi is allowing your mind to rest as you go through out the day, drawing on the “chi” or Life Force that, according to the ancient Chinese, resides in the abdomen area. When a person draws upon this “chi”, it can help energize and stimulate the mind, body and soul. This “chi force” is unseen, unheard as it moves around us and penetrates us.

When Balance is achieved, there is no conflict, there are no regrets, there is no past, there is no future. There is only the present resting without strain.

The Shaggy Cricket!


2 thoughts on “BALANCE

  1. A recent move has given me the opportunity to eliminate everything unused, broken and unwanted. My chi is absolutely stirring in a positive way. Energy, outlook, goals and family life are measurably improved. I look forward to the dust settling because if it is this good now all I can say is WOW!

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