Things I ponder

Hello from the hearth;

Well it’s fast approaching twilight in nature’s realm, however the symphony continues on into night. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what is it that we are be-holding to? As in all things, there is beauty. Some beauty captures the imagination. Some captures and ensnares the heart. Beyond what we say, think or do, there is always music associated with beauty.

There are those around us that hear the music and have allowed it to touch the very fabric of their being. There are so many different types of music but they all have the same origin, a creator.

So what is it that you ponder and allow your imagination to run a-muck? The definition of Music is sound arranged into pleasing and interesting patterns. From the dawn of time, music has been in nature, but more importantly it is woven into the very fabric of the cosmos. Music is used to express feelings, ideas, entertain and to relax. No matter what type of form music takes, whether it is country, folk, jazz, rock, RAP or classical, the most simplest and yet most difficult to interpret is the Symphony of Creation!

These are thoughts that are stimulated when I hear music. Music provokes the soul to greatness and we hear and see it in movies, in soundtracks such as “The hills are alive…with the Sound of Music!”

When I listen to nature sing to me, it stirs the spirit and asks questions that there are no answers to except that which is in my own imagination. I begin to ask questions like “What does it sound like when clouds collide, or when stars explode in the vacuum of space? What do galaxies sound like being formed?”

So let me close by saying that I would like to encourage you to strain your ear to hear the cosmic symphony that is playing, embrace the passion and just “BE!” Become lost on the painted sky and fly to distant galaxies on wings of dreams. “BE” that page that aches for a word, which speaks on a theme that is timeless. “BE” timeless…”BE” the change!!!

“BE” yourself!!! You are so beautiful. Never before in creation has there been anyone exactly like you. You are “YOU”nique in the whole universe….what could be more beautiful than that.

The Shaggy Cricket!!!


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