Greetings from the hearth once again;

I would like to open up a discussion concerning an usual sight that I saw while driving home from work on 7 March 2014. As I was driving home, I noticed two red-tailed hawks flying above the tree tops, circling clockwise and above them were two buzzards flying in circles going counter-clockwise.

In all the years that I have hunted, I have never seen anything like that. I told my wife the story after I got home and she asked me if I had an interpretation concerning this sight that I had witnessed. I said that I did not have one yet and she asked me if I had asked the Creator for an interpretation of it. Again the answer was no and she said to me “You have not because you ask not!”

How TRUE that statement is. If we desire wisdom, we must ask for it. If we seek knowledge, we must ask for it. Sometimes the answers are in what we see, not so much in what we hear. The ancients studied nature and learned the lessons that it taught and passed those lessons down through the generations. Unfortunately, the indigenious people of the land have lost that passion to seek the wisdom of Mother Earth, the bearer of LIFE and the consoler of death.

My intention for you in writing this is to blow upon the smoldering embers of your imagination to learn to listen to nature. Study the subtle and walk in clarity. Listen for the ZEN!!

The Shaggy Cricket!!!


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