A Glorious day!

Goooooooooood afternoon World;

Well,here it is March 29,2014 already. It has been a glorious day so far even with the rain and the gray skies. It is a FANTABULOUS day and I have gotten many a thing done already. I just wanted to get this up and out to all of you who have been faithfully following my writings and meanderings along Life’s path, I say “Thank You!”

No matter what the circumstance, no matter what the weather, no matter where you are “BELIEVE” that you are the “CHANGE” that is needed. Know that your purpose is to find ZEN in everything and share it with others. Know where you are going. Do not be like a ship in a storm, tossed about by every wind of doctrine thqt comes along, but have your heart anchored in a safe harbor of Peace, Harmony and Acceptance! Acceptance of yourself first then the acceptance of others.

David Starr Gordon once wrote: “The world stands aside to allow anyone to pass who knows where he/she is going!”

Remember to do the train crossing in your own life; “STOP, LOOK, LISTEN!”

1) STOP…yourself from going a hundred miles an hour and spend time every morning or evening to think about the day or the one that is coming.

2) LOOK…to set aside one day, twelve times a year or once every month to plan your month.

3) LISTEN…to yourself while you spend one whole week each year to reflect, evaluate and measure the year that has passed, to plan the year that is coming and to stay on track with your purpose!

There is more coming later. I have to get ready to go eat with some friends.

The Shaggy Cricket!


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