Renewal for another yr!!!!

Oh Joy!, Oh Rapture!!  My name is renewed again!!!  Cricket is happy!


October 17, 2014 – Fear of something NEW!

Hello again world,

Today is Friday.  Yippieeeeee!  The title says it all.  Many of us are fearful of learning or doing something “NEW”!  Fyodor Dostoyevski wrote in his book “Crime & Punishment”, “What people fear the most is taking a new step or uttering a new word!”

Tai Chi is a centuries old form of exercise and yet no matter how many times it is practiced, it is still “NEW”. Tai Chi is good for the body, mind & spirit. It brings balance to all three in this chaotic society that we live, work & play in.  But it is up to us to put away the fear of taking a new step and determine whether we want to start.

When I began Tai Chi, I wanted to be good at it from the beginning, but that couldn’t happen because I didn’t know the form.  As with everything there is a beginning, a time of learning that should not be feared, but embraced.  Now every time I do Tai Chi I see the “ZEN” of the movements.  No matter how many times I do Tai Chi, I see myself doing it as the very first time to sharpen the movements and regain my balance in this life!

October 16, 2014

Hello again everyone;

Cricket is back on line!  Please forgive the expanse of time since I last posted.  A lot of good chi flowing.  I was recently invited to a Middle school to share my passion of Tai Chi with the students and faculty.  The students were excited to learn and were enthusiastic about learning.  They were all Awesome!  It was on my birthday and I had a fantastic time.  It is my hope that I was successful in imparting a little of the passion and respect that I have for Tai Chi.  I am traveling to Lewisburg, PA on Sunday, Oct 19th to attend a Certification/Re-Certification conference sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation.

More to come in the future!

The Shaggy Cricket!