Goooooood morning world;

It’s 4:05 in the morning on February 27, 2017.  Already two months into the new year.  Even tho it’s dark outside, it’s going to be another perfect “10” day.

I have been studying the symbol of Yin/Yang so that I might understand myself.  To understand the Yin and Yang is to begin to understand one’s self.

When you look at the symbol, what is it you see?  Do you see only the curving lines, the black and white inside a circle or do you contemplate the meaning of the circle, the shape of Yin/Yang and the color.

Every time I look at the symbol, I see something different.  If I look at the white teardrop, there is a small circle of black within it.  The black teardrop has a small circle of white.  

These represent the light and dark of our souls.  No matter how good our lives appear to be, there is a small portion of darkness that is there and the same holds true for the dark colored teardrop.  These remind me that there is “NOTHING” perfect this side of eternity.

There is no such thing as perfection, only “perceived” perfection.  This helps us to learn to be happy and content with the imperfection of our own being!



Winter Blues

Gooooooood morning to all,

 It’s February the 15th,2017, the day after Valentine’s Day!  Hope your day was super fantastic!  I had to postpone my day due illness in the family.

Anyway, I wanted to send all of you out there a little hope in the fact that winter won’t last forever.  Whether it is the winter of the natural or the winter of our souls when it is hard to warm up from the grey skies and blizzards that we experience in our lives.

Soon the weather will begin to change and the temperature will rise and we will be once again walking barefoot in the sands along the shores of our imagination.

The thought I wish to leave with you this morning is this, just know that you are cared about and knowing that I hope will help brighten the darkest, bleakest winter day!

Thoughts from Cricket on the Hearth!