Hello once again and welcome back to MY TAI CHI BLOG WEBSITE.  I have been asked by many of my students and clients if Yoga and Tai Chi are the same, since they both incorporate meditation, hence the reason for this post.

YOGA and TAI CHI’s founding principles do differ and both have little in common with each other.  Tai Chi is a martial art intended for use in combat, but the Tai Chi that I promote focuses on managing energy with the universe for complete health and longevity.   Yoga focuses on creating complete health to facilitate a full union of mind, body and spirit.  Both practice non-violence

While both Yoga and Tai Chi apply breath control, movement and meditation for whole health, how each approaches them differs sharply.  Take BREATH for example; Yoga aligns the movement of poses with breath.  In traditional Hatha yoga, poses are held for a certain number of breaths.  Vinyasa yoga or Flow yoga requires participants to move from pose to pose, linking an inhale or exhale to each movement.

Tai Chi encourages it’s participants to breathe slowly and deeply, but not to consciously force alignment of movement and breath.  The breath will come naturally with each movement as practice continues outside the DOJO or training center.  The movements themselves are slow and flowing and the poses are choreographed to flow into one another, not held like yoga stances.

Check back soon for more on Tai Chi and Yoga.  Thank You!

From the Hearth, this is Cricket saying good night!