Update:  August 8, 2015

Goooooooood morning World,

Well, it’s a beautiful morning in south central PA.  I am amazed at how gorgeous the morning is.  I awoke at 4:30 this morning, so I finished up the dinner dishes from last night and put them away.  Yesterday I had the privilege of giving a tour of Gettysburg to some friends who had traveled from Massachusetts.  Among them was a gentleman who was 82 years young.  He kept me busy just keeping up with him.  I was told at the end of the day that everyone enjoyed themselves and everyone had a good time.  I don’t know why, but I worry about that.  We visited the area know as Little Round Top and I explained a little of the Southern tactics coming from the Rose Farm, Seminary Ridge and Devil’s Den area.  The older gentleman of the group was quite interested and was really happy to actually see the areas that he had only read about in books and literature.  We passed through the Wheatfield, and traveled to the Trostle Farm where I showed them the witness tree and where Sickles was wounded.  We then traveled to the middle of the Union line and showed them where General Armistead and General Hancock were wounded and then we went to the National Cemetary and then went back to the PA Monument, after that we visited Culps Hill, Seminary Ridge and Lee’s statue/Virginia’s monument.  We wrapped things up around 4:00 p.m. and said our goodbyes or until the next time.  They were just amazed at how much there is to do and see at Gettysburg as I am always fascinated at what there is to do.


Memorial Day 2015 (5.25.15)


Today is Monday, Memorial Day and all over the world our soldiers, sailers, airmen and marines sleep beneath their crosses and it is a challenge to us, the living to ensure that they have not died in vain!  This post is in honor of my dad and his two brothers who were killed on opposite sides of the world.  Paul Edward Owens, KIA, July 7, 1944 after the Normandy invasion, better known as D-Day, and Robert Allen Owens, KIA, November 1, 1943, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor and the hunter/killer destroyer, DD827, USS Robert A. Owens.

I will not speak about the glorious dead because there is not much glory in getting killed if you are in your late teens or early twenties.  I will not romanticize their passing, but will remember that the day I have now is because of their sacrifice!

There is a British memorial in Burma from WW II that captures the sentiment of Americans which says “When you go home, tell them of us and say for your tomorrow we gave our today!”

So, as you attend the picnics, the gatherings and the other festivities, tell others of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who are sacrificing their today’s to make your tomorrows possible!

This is cricket signing off!

Thoughts of an “Average” man!

I hate to say it, but the average young man and/or woman is apt to believe that success is not for them. In their minds it is a gift that has been bestowed upon the few, not to the masses. Many believe that in order to be successful in the “Christian” life one must dedicate themselves to being a slave to those that sign their pay checks. They believe that the root of “ALL” evil is money. Actually money is not the root, but the”love” of money is.

The subject is not a new one. It is my hope and intent to tear off the veil and look at success through new eyes and understand the purpose that is upon the young and young at heart.

These words are written to young people by a young at heart person whom the noise of battle is not a recollection, but an everyday living reality. He thinks he knows what a fight for success means to the young people, and he writes. With the smoke of battle around him and from the very thick of the fight!

Lovely Day

Good morning world;

It’s another fun filled, exciting time to be alive!  Do not become complacent in the life that you live!  You were meant to be more than just mediocre.

Get up, get out, DO!!!! There is no “TRY”, only “DO”!!!!  In the words of the Japanese, find the ZEN!  Make every moment remarkable!  Dare to be Extraordinary!  You are more than you know and stronger than you think!

Keiken no jumyo!!!  (That means “experience life”)


The Shaggy Cricket!

October 17, 2014 – Fear of something NEW!

Hello again world,

Today is Friday.  Yippieeeeee!  The title says it all.  Many of us are fearful of learning or doing something “NEW”!  Fyodor Dostoyevski wrote in his book “Crime & Punishment”, “What people fear the most is taking a new step or uttering a new word!”

Tai Chi is a centuries old form of exercise and yet no matter how many times it is practiced, it is still “NEW”. Tai Chi is good for the body, mind & spirit. It brings balance to all three in this chaotic society that we live, work & play in.  But it is up to us to put away the fear of taking a new step and determine whether we want to start.

When I began Tai Chi, I wanted to be good at it from the beginning, but that couldn’t happen because I didn’t know the form.  As with everything there is a beginning, a time of learning that should not be feared, but embraced.  Now every time I do Tai Chi I see the “ZEN” of the movements.  No matter how many times I do Tai Chi, I see myself doing it as the very first time to sharpen the movements and regain my balance in this life!

October 16, 2014

Hello again everyone;

Cricket is back on line!  Please forgive the expanse of time since I last posted.  A lot of good chi flowing.  I was recently invited to a Middle school to share my passion of Tai Chi with the students and faculty.  The students were excited to learn and were enthusiastic about learning.  They were all Awesome!  It was on my birthday and I had a fantastic time.  It is my hope that I was successful in imparting a little of the passion and respect that I have for Tai Chi.  I am traveling to Lewisburg, PA on Sunday, Oct 19th to attend a Certification/Re-Certification conference sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation.

More to come in the future!

The Shaggy Cricket!

Good evening to you world,

Another day has come and gone. In our hectic business, we take for granted that which is given to us. The air that we breathe, the water we drink, the food that we eat. Our lives, no…our very existence depends on them. So what do we do, we squabble and argue over petty, little things that don’t mean a thing. It is my belief that the world would be a better place if we all would remember what Charles Dickens wrote;

“There is never enough time to do or say all that we would wish! The thing is to do as much as you can in the time that you have!”

No man knows the hour or the day, it just happens, and suddenly you are not there any more!

It is my hope as well as my intention to continue to be Life’s philosopher in the days that I have and that you, my readers as well as my friends may learn and understand what is being conveyed and practice it in your own lives and pass it forward!

This is Cricket signing off! Have fantabulous forever! If our paths cross, GREAT!!! If not then I will see you on the other side! Good nite!

Masters of Mind!!!

Hello everyone;

It’s a beautiful day today in PA! It rained a little this evening, but all in all it was a beautiful day! Anyway, what I would like to talk about is becoming “Masters of Mind” rather than “Mastered by “Mind”!

If our lives are what our thoughts make it, don’t you think it would be in our best interest to learn to “Master” our minds? By that I mean that we need to change our negative thinking to more positive thought if we don’t like what we are seeing in the present. Move your thoughts from your head, to your heart and “BELIEVE”! Only then will you begin to see great and marvelous changes start to happen in your lives.

STOP being pre-occupied with what you think needs mastering or fixing. START to see beyond your roles, beyond your responsibilities, beyond your obligations. Focus on the visions of what YOU would like to make happen!

Remember what I have quoted in previous posts about changing the way we see things; “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change!”

Unclutter and uncloud your thought life of unnecessary things because no matter what season you find yourself in, you need to remember that this is the BEST season of your life! Allow your heart to fulfill its purpose, the purpose of knowing yourself, be yourself and yet be one with the Creator!

Your vision will become clear ONLY when you look into your heart! Those who look outside, DREAM! Those who look inside, AWAKENS! Dare yourself to be SUCCESSFUL today! Unleash the POWER that is within you! Unleash your influence! Believe yourself to be an impact on your surroundings instead of your surroundings being an impact on you! When you become an impact on your surroundings, it becomes infectious! Continue to look at yourself and your surroundings through the eyes of what IS working, your present strengths, your potential! Block out any distractions, create a focal point of concentration, stay alert, stay inspired until you have maximized ALL there is to gain!

Remember; you are talented! Remember; you are “YOU”nique!!!