Hello my friends;

I have been sitting here in front of the computer screen, typing and updating my blogs and my new page. As the sun was setting today, the sky became a really angry purple color and the wind was blowing. As the wind blew you could hear the cosmic symphony start to play and it was beautiful.

Mickey Hart, percussionist with the rock group “Grateful Dead” says “We are surrounded by rhythem. The seasons, the migration of the animals, the rising and setting of the sun. The rising and ebbing of the tides. The one primal rhythem we all share before birth is the heart beat of our mothers.”

To those who listen to the symphony, let your spirit soar. Earth is our mother. Everyone and everything comes from her. We are part of her organic growth. She is the genesis of all our creative power.

If you want to hear the symphony, your inner self must be calm and become one with the universe. Feel the welcoming pull from the earth. Raise your arms to the sky, feel the energy above and below and become the link between Heaven and Earth. This is the way to begin to hear the symphony of the cosmos.

There is an ancient Chinese writing that speaks of the technique of movement in order to hear the symphony of the cosmos.

“In every movement, every part of the body must be light, agile and strung together. The postures should be without breaks. Motion should be rooted in the feet, released through the legs, directed by the waist and expressed by the fingers. Substantial and insubstantial movements must be clearly differentiated!”

You are part of the cosmic symphony, so surrender yourself to the abundance of the universe. Focus on the positive and the negative has to take a back seat to it. Face your fears and soon you will see them disappear. Begin to invoke the power of the infinite into your body, mind, soul, and spirit and surrender yourself to its abundance. When we begin to open ourselves to others and their “gifts”, we create possibilities in the fabric of reality that we can grasp hold of and receive ourselves. It is a win/win situation to listen to the symphony!

So, “Surrender yourself to all the love and power that you are, and be thankful for it!”

Listen to the symphony and become energized. DARE 2 B REMARKABLE!!!

the Shaggy Cricket!


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