What is FEAR? It is that old black magic that paralyses us from doing that which we are to do, “Accomplish the Mission!” As a warrior, I know first hand the power of FEAR! Franklin D. Roosevelt told the American people at one of his fireside chats back in the late 30’s early 40’s, “The only thing we have to FEAR is FEAR itself!”

We are All warriors. One does not have to be associated with the military to be a warrior. There are many, many different kinds of “warriors”, each one unique to the individual. Paul in scripture calls us “warriors” and tells us to continue fighting the “good” fight.

Each one of us has our own battles that we struggle with everyday, physically, spiritually or emotionally. That is why I call you a “warrior”. The trials, the fire fights that you have to battle day in and day out appear to be unique to your situation, but are common place on the broader battlefield of LIFE.

We all know the “Warrior” by his/her presence and the healing, calming spirit that they seem to command in a situation. It is their “QI” (pronounced “CHEE) touching you, enveloping you and penetrating you all the way to the spirit.

The “warrior is NOT the master, the sifu nor the great sensei. These are only physical words that we use to make us sound and appear important. The “Warrior” is a friend to his students and teaches them to continue searching for what they are seeking until they realize that what they seek, is and has been within them from the dawn of creation. So keep searching, keep knocking, and keep asking! The doors will open and then the light of ZEN, your AHA moment will happen.

“Dare 2 B REMARKABLE!!!”

The Shaggy Cricket!


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